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curly hair

You always want what you don’t have, right. When you have straight hair, you want curls. And when you have curls, you want straight hair. I have curls, so growing up, I always wanted straight hair. I wanted the kind … Continue reading

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paisley pajamas

I have an “eclectic” sense of fashion. I like classic pieces, a-line skirts and sweaters with navy blue patterns and lots of cream. I like the “classic,” and saying I like the “classic” because it sounds so classy. But… I … Continue reading

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I’ve wanted to learn to sew ever since high school. I wanted to sign up for classes and read books and begin crafting my own designs and fashions as a 15 year old, but I never did. Instead, I devoted …

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This post is pretty useless, so if you don’t feel like reading about something as useless as beautiful earring, then please, please, click away. Fast. This is post about some earrings that I bought at the thrift store this weekend. …

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I didn’t want to join Pinterest. I didn’t want one more thing in my blogging life to feel I needed to obsess over, to stay up late over.I didn’t want to like Pinterest. I didn’t want to use it to …

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I’ve long been a fan of thrifting, or thrift store shopping. I think I’ve been doing it since elementary school. Then, it was not really a “cool” thing to do, but I did it because my parents were unwilling to …

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